Thursday, May 31, 2018

Reaching the 20K plays on Spotify

It is with great pleasure to begin this blog with the news that the album Despierto (Awaken) from the band TAW has reached the 20K plays benchmark on Spotify, that, along with Youtube and Apple Music sums up to 22K plays in 3 months with no advertisement at all!

This is a huge milestone for the band and for me as a producer, because when I took the job I promised the band that the people will like the music... and they did!

But what do the numbers really mean?

If you see these numbers for the money they can make for the band as per streams, it is not a great landscape as those plays in actual money they barely reach 8 USD of revenue, yes 8 dollars! 
So, as all platforms claim to pay musicians, the actual revenue is almost insignificant which means that the real achievement of the album is to be in the likes of the audience, which is very difficult nowadays when the web is filled with too much artists offering their work.

Being in the public's taste is the very first step towards making money from music, real money, but the road is long and the band needs to work very hard. The album has the songs which are essential to be significant, it also has the sound -we spent 1 year making songs and working to get the sound we needed, all with the best instruments we could get- but it is not enough, the band has to capitalize the album, they need to do live shows, make merchandise, do social networking. Have you ever seen a famous artists how much time and effort they put into an album's promotion? They do interviews, autographs, free shows, anything to get the public's attention.

The point being?

The point of this post is that an album with great songs is essential in the path of getting payed but it is also only the first step, the road is long and you have to work very, very hard as all artists do, even the famous ones... specially the famous ones. Will TAW be a famous band? We'll see, they have the record but the extent of their success is up to them and the work they are willing to put into it.

If you think you have the songs and want them to be sellable but preserving their artistic value, give me a call or whatsapp or email me.

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