Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is your record really ready to be released?

Everyday, hundreds of records are being released around the world; from all musical genres, all languages and all countries. With too many musical offers it's almost impossible to get the people's attention and the sound quality of your record has a lot to do with standing out or not.

The vast majority of artists who are looking for a recording studio make their choices based on how the place looks and what gear it has at their disposal, which is not bad on principle, however, the two examples I'm using were recorded at a studio that looks like this:

Not bad huh? But how does the actual final product sounds like? 

Example 1

Example 2

The artists knew something was not entirely right but she didn't know exactly what and just before releasing the album she heard my work on TAW's record and came to me for a second opinion.

I listened to the songs and found the following:

  1. The vocals' signals were all saturated by entering the DAW with too much gain and more volume than needed so everything was clipping.
  2. Also, vocals were not well-performance, they failed to communicate what the lyrics and melodies had to say, besides they sat in front of all the other instruments in the mix.
  3. There were several elements -the tap dance in example 1 for instance- that ended up being confusing or rather unpleasant.
  4. Every string, brass, backing vocal and strummed instruments were panned to the left speaker, then duplicated and panned to the right. In Example 2 one can listen the rhythm guitar replicated in both speakers and then the vihuela in the same fashion so the entire rhythm section was piled-up one over the other.
  5. The overall sound was blurry and opaque, and it can't be appreciated what each instrument is doing at any time

Although the tracking wasn't the best it could just provide for a good mix; the artist also decided to follow my advice and came to re-record  the vocals, this time under my direction.

AquĆ­ es donde se graban mis producciones

Example 1 - produced here at Noise Mastering Studio®

Example 2 - produced here at Noise Mastering Studio®

My recommendation is:

  1. Never judge a recording studio by how it looks or the gear it has, always choose the studio and producer for how their previous work sound, specially outside their studios. Keep in mind that your music will be judged by how it sounds and not for how cool the studio looks or worse yet, by how much equipment you used.
  2. By all means, avoid the DIY thing, hire a producer who gets involved with (and gets) your music and style, you'll se that his/her objective vision and commitment with your music's success will payoff. It is true that it will cost you more than if you DIY but, as I said, it will payoff.

If you like the sound of my work on mix, on producing vocals, you want me to provide a second opinion on your current record or want me to produce your new album please Whatsapp me at +52 1 442 489-1873 or email me at noisemastering@gmail.com

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