Friday, October 12, 2018

A brief music production story

On September 15th (Mexico's celebration of independence) the song Vera from María Ferrina was released. It was very well received because only 48 hours later it surpassed the 5,500 plays on Facebook and made its way as far as Japan and the Czech Republic.

Except for the trumpets, all instruments were played and recorded by maestro Ernesto Anaya whilst all vocals were produced by myself. I also did the mix and mastering duties.

My main goal was to make María Ferrina's voice to be able to "compete" with mariachi since her style is too soft for this kind of music. We worked vocals together for about two months, in which I helped her to emphasis on the parts that needed it, but most of all, to let go of her voice and make her feel comfortable singing fortissimos. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

The result of hiring a producer

Being a catholic band like TAW means that your biggest achievement should be to play in front of the Pope.

By the time I'm writing this blog entry it is almost a year since I told the band and its investors that my goal as a producer was to make a record that could reach as far as the Pope and today, thanks to their album, the band has been invited to play at the JMJ where Pope Francis I has confirmed his attendance. 
Now I can proudly say: Achievement unlocked!

Official invitation (in Spanish) to play at the JMJ

The story behind