Monday, October 1, 2018

The result of hiring a producer

Being a catholic band like TAW means that your biggest achievement should be to play in front of the Pope.

By the time I'm writing this blog entry it is almost a year since I told the band and its investors that my goal as a producer was to make a record that could reach as far as the Pope and today, thanks to their album, the band has been invited to play at the JMJ where Pope Francis I has confirmed his attendance. 
Now I can proudly say: Achievement unlocked!

Official invitation (in Spanish) to play at the JMJ

The story behind

Last February, the album "Despierto" ["I Awake"] from the catholic pop-rock band TAW was released. The record was produced by e and I had the chance to be present from the very beginning of the early demos from which we picked 10 songs. While we were at it, the band was invited to compete for the official anthem of the Dioceses Youngsters Day or JDJ in Spanish, so the band asked me to produce the song alongside the rest of the album.

TAW photo shoot

The demo for the song was very good but I asked them for an easy-to-sing chorus and a memorable riff, and so they did. We also found ourselves with the challenge of accommodating a mandatory phrase which was part of the competition rules for which the band wrote an interlude to put the phrase and also a crescendo that announced the songs finale.

Here's a video of the competition day, the audio is very bad but I want you to listen to the song in its early stages.

At the end of the day, the band won and the song became the official anthem; the price was divided in two: the recording of the song which the band declined because they wanted to do it under my direction. The other price was to play the anthem and 3 more songs for the Bishop (which in the catholic world it's a pretty big deal) in front of 10,000 people .

The song we recorded ended for the JDJ ended up released as a single along with its instrumental version.

Such was the impact of this song that the band decided to include it in the album although we did some improvements. We preserved the original drums and acoustic guitar but the piano and guitars were rewritten to make them more vivid and powerful. The lyrics were also adapted to fit better in tempo and melody. As a result, the album had a remarkable success and was so well-received by the audience that the worldwide counterpart of the JDJ, the JMJ, invited the band to play in the international event.

This is the song from the album, notice how the sound as well as the band's execution is way more powerful and vivid.

Your producer must join the same ride as you to make your music accesible to your audience but preserving its artistic value and the band's nature, all embodied in a great-sounding environment. In the case of these guys, they cannot reach higher than to play for the Pope and as much as I'm not religious, I'm very proud of making a record that reached that high. 

TAW with producer Sergio Patiño
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