Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mastering demos: Shoegaze + Death Metal? Yes, please.

This should be the most challenging mastering work I have done. The band had only two members: drums and guitar/vocals so there was no bass which for a start complicates things because there is nothing that binds rhythm and melody and acts as a foundation for the whole sound like a bass guitar, a contrabassoon, a tuba or a contrabass would do.

Official cover for Teorema's homonym first album

The second problem was that they asked the recording studio to record them in a live-session fashion but only with two mics for the the drum set so the room reverb is all over the place. And to complicate things even further, their genre is -in the band's own words- shoegaze with death metal, so clarity is not exactly its strongest feature.

Due to so much distortion, a mostly-digital mastering was needed, except for a passive EQ that added a lot of character to the sound. But the real challenge was that the listener could enjoy the music from a very unusual record in a genre that by definition is more inclined to texture rather than definition.

Song before mastering

Song after mastering

In the end, the album resulted in a very interesting piece of art that has done pretty well in 2 years.
You can listen to ir or buy it in digital format at the band's official Bandcamp.

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