Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is your record really ready to be released?

Everyday, hundreds of records are being released around the world; from all musical genres, all languages and all countries. With too many musical offers it's almost impossible to get the people's attention and the sound quality of your record has a lot to do with standing out or not.

The vast majority of artists who are looking for a recording studio make their choices based on how the place looks and what gear it has at their disposal, which is not bad on principle, however, the two examples I'm using were recorded at a studio that looks like this:

Not bad huh? But how does the actual final product sounds like? 

Example 1

Example 2

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The analog myth (once again)

About a week ago, a song came to me for mastering. They are an alternative-rock band from Mexico and this song is a cover of "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground; I have mastered about 2 or 3 releases from them.

Here's an excerpt of the song before mastering. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mastering for vinyl

We all love vinyl releases, they look and sound awesome, but we cannot forget that it is a physical media and thus it's very limited at playback because it depends on the needle literally scratching the disc's surface to produce sound. A vinyl disc has a very limited frequency response and stereo width, so there is a limit on how far you can push the sound before it collapses at playback. 

This is why I take very seriously when mastering an album for vinyl so I do two separate masters, one for CD/digital release and one for vinyl.