Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to deliver your mixes for mastering

Even though I can handle almost any type of mix you have to consider that the better your mix is, the better the master will be.

To send your mixes to me for mastering, ask the recording studio to follow these guidelines:

Avoid plugins in the master fader.

Except for those for metering purposes like loudness or phase; having any other type of plugin is not the healthiest practice, specially those that affect dynamic range, compressors and limiters, because they change the perception you have of the overall mix. EQ's also are not a good idea specially those that are not linear-phase.

No digital clip 

Even though this may sound pretty obvious I feel compelled to mention it because many files have arrived to me clipping because some studios do take out the plugins in the master fader but they don't adjust the volume. If that is the case, just turn down the fader until the signal stops clipping.

Bit-depth and Sample Rate

When bouncing to disk please preserve the same bit-depth and sample rate that your mix session has, the most common resolution is 16 or 24 bits @ 48 KHz, although there are more careful studios that work at 88.2 or 96 KHz whereas the best ones do it at 192 KHz. Whatever the case, do not attempt to upsample anything, but most importantly, never, ever downsample anything. I work my masters with 24 bits @ 96 KHz but don't worry I will handle for you the upsampling or downsampling needed.

Avoid fades 

Please avoid fade-outs at the end of the songs that "kill" the instruments decay, if there is no need to quite one or several instruments, don't fade the track, specially the bounced track, if there is no need for a fade-in at the start of the song, please leave that to me.

PCM or Lossless formats

Another thing that may seem obvious is the audio files' format, please send only PCM's Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aif) because is mandatory that absolutely no bit of information is lost, however, if you need to save space or transfer time you may use Lossless formats like FLAC or Apple Lossless (ALAC) because they preserve the exact same information but with half of the original size.

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